Study Guide for Chapter 5 of PNW

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Study Guide for Chapter 5


Happy Spring Break!

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Happy Spring Break, all! Hope that you are enjoying a few days off from seeing me and your other teachers. I told myself that I wanted to have one adventure every day this week — hopefully ending with going up to Vancouver, Canada on Friday. We shall see. Let the class know what you’re doing for break!

Terms for Chapter 3 Test – Honors SS

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Chapter 3 Study Guide

This Week – 3/8 to 3/12

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Language Arts 7

Monday – New Unit Intro: What is Persuasion? Notes w/ Response

Tuesday – Persuasive Techniques Notes w/ Worksheet

Wednesday – Persuasive Techniques in Reading w/ “The Weak Shall Inherit the Gym”

Thursday – Persuasive Techniques in Reading w/ “Position on Dodgeball in Physical Education”

Friday – Weekly Quiz #2

Social Studies 7 – Community Building Week

Monday – “What Makes Me Unique” Journaling Activity w/ Gallery Walk

Tuesday – The Line Game from Freedom Writers

Wednesday – “Norms, Roles, and Expectations”

Thursday – Class Quilt and Honor Code Signing & Celebration

Friday – Surprise.

Wanna know what we’ve been doing? Check this out!

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A New Semester!

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You will receive a new calendar for planning this week for next month, so keep up with it. You’ll always know what we will be doing. I’ll post it on this site too!

Attached is the new KBAR (for all classes) and the Washington State History (for Honors Core). I’ll explain both assignments on Monday for you all.

Current Event Assignment Explanation

KBAR 3.0

Question for the week: Now that you’ve been in middle school for half of a year, what the best part of it? What’s the worst part?

A List of Terms for CORE Final

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Terms to Study for Test

Rough day today in Honors Core, huh? I’m quite perturbed that we can’t handle playing a simple game and that I can’t share stories with you any longer. Sounds like next semester is going to be quite boring in Honors Core. Oh well.

Attached is a list of terms that you should be able to identify and define. Know that this is not the only terms, these are just some of the terms you should know.